Box Stand 2-Way

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Box Stand 2-Way


This boxing stand can help improve punching, speed and  co-ordination techniques.
This boxing stand comes complete with the steel frame, punching bag, speedball and platform. They are suitable for both home and gym use.
This stand is made of robust steel, guaranteeing a safe and consistent workout.
The base of the bag has bumper end caps which can put weights on to keep the bench more stable, even on an uneven or slippery surface.

Punching Bag: 2' 8 x 3' 2" (Φ x H), with the weight of 44 lb.
Inflatable Speedball: 6.3" x 11" (Φ x H), with the weight of 10.6 oz.
Speedball Platform: Φ 1' 11" with 4 adjustable level from 5' 10" to 5' 4"
Painted Steel Frame: Net weight 92.6 lb, 0.06" thickness Delivery includes 1 x boxing stand frame, 1 x punching bag, 1 x speedball and 1 x speedball platform, including all the mounting accessories.

Color: Black and red
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 4' 5" x 3' 6" x 6' 8" (L x W x H)
Main tube: 1.8" x 1.8" x 0.06"
User height: 4' 7" - 6' 3"
Inflatable speed ball:Φ 6.3" x 11"
Punching bag: 11.4" x 32" (Φ x H), with the weight of 44 lb
Net weight: 92.6 lb
Fabric: Polyurethane: 100%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review